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We want to be the one to help you with every detail of the buying process, from negotiating terms of sale to recommending the best moving companies.

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We want you to be as prepared as possible when speaking with a lender, so be sure to have access to the following:


  • A month's worth of your most recent paystubs

  • Copies of your federal tax returns and W-2’s from the last two years

  • The names and addresses of your employers over the last two years.

  • Last three months of bank statements

  • The names and addresses of your landlords over the past two years.

  • Divorce/separation decree

  • Child support papers

  • Bankruptcy, discharge of bankruptcy papers



Once you get pre-approved and you find your dream home, what’s next?


  • Fill out a mortgage application.

  • Get your home appraised.

  • Your loan goes through underwriting.

  • You are cleared to close!

Want to download this Buyer's Packet for reference?  

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