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Realtor Montgomery County Pennsylvania





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It’s time to introduce the first member of our team! Tara Garrison has been a realtor since 2015. She truly loves helping people with their real estate needs. Tara specializes in working with families in transition, whether it be dealing with the loss of a loved one, a divorce or down-sizing situation.


Tara’s empathetic nature helps her understand that these times can be very stressful and emotional- especially when a client’s home is filled with decades of memories. She guides her clients through the process in the timing that works best for them. Tara’s favorite thing about real estate is being able to connect with people in her community. She loves introducing her clients to her local vendor partners. And she always comes from contribution, hoping to make it a win for everyone involved! Tara’s passion, energy and excellent customer service makes her an unforgettable realtor.

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